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Product Name: Hua Haoyue Yuan

Product Model: D66

Colors: white, black, light blue, pink, etc

Material: Plastic shell with PC white highlight

Brush bristles: DuPont silk+Pedex color changing silk

Gear: Five gears

Battery: 18650 lithium battery 1200mAh

Charging: DC direct charging

Waterproof: IPX7

Product Size: 26.5 * 26.5 * 252mm

Weight: 100g

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Product Details


1、Petal style, 3D three-dimensional cutting, irregular and high-density hair grafting, effectively improving the cleaning power of the toothbrush

2、Vibration frequency 31800-39600 times/minute

3、Large swing amplitude/angle, strong power, high output torque, low power consumption, and low vibration.

4、17 Brushless magnetic levitation motor; Compared to brushless motors, the service life is greatly improvedLarge swing angle, good cleaning effect

5、Open lighting line design, which can be arranged and illuminated through multiple gear identification designs, with endless gear design!

6、Design of lighting display effects for 5 gear modes; NORMAL, MASSAGE, STAINOFF, GUMCARE, SENSITIVE

7、About 120 days of battery life

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