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Industry News
Are electric toothbrushes more effective?
2022-02-18 09:27:21
Effectiveness: The consensus between all the dentists we spoke to is that electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual brushes at removing plaque and keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.
How long does an electric toothbrush last?
2022-02-18 09:27:02
The average life span of an electric toothbrush is 3-5 years .Most electric toothbrushes will come with a 12 month, if not 24 month warranty.
How should an electric toothbrush be used?
2022-02-18 09:25:50
To use a rechargeable electric toothbrush, just place toothpaste on the brush head and hold the brush at a 45-degree angle , just as you would a manual toothbrush. Then turn on the rechargeable electric and move the brush from tooth to tooth.
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