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Product Name: Xiao Man Waist

Product Model: D59

Colors: white, orange, gray, light blue, pink, and gradient colors

Material: Plastic shell with PC white highlight

Brush bristles: DuPont silk+Pedex color changing silk

Gear: Five gears

Battery: 500mAh battery, ≤ 4H

Charging: wireless charging

Waterproof: IPX7

Product Size: 26.94 * 28.12 * 256mm

Weight: 129g
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Product Details


1、Control the startup, standby, and mode switching of the toothbrush

2、Truly anti splashing;

3、Toothbrush intelligent shutdown and standby; When the toothbrush leaves the teeth and the pressure sensor detects no pressure, the toothbrush stops working; The touch sensor detects that the hand leaves the toothbrush handle and the toothbrush enters standby mode.

4、Toothbrush intelligent conversion mode and pressure alarm; The pressure sensor detects a pressure state and changes the brushing mode based on the pressure level; When the pressure sensor detects that the toothbrush pressure exceeds the alarm value, it will flash a light to give an alarm

5、Five pressure ranges; Overpressure, deep cleaning mode, standard cleaning mode, gentle cleaning mode, anti splashing and wake-up

6、Toothbrush intelligent awakening and activation; Intelligent simulation of consumer brushing action, touch (touch sensor)+motion (gyroscope)

7、Intelligent prompt for changing brush heads
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