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D26 Wireless Charging
D26   Wireless Charging

D26 Wireless Charging


Product Name: Triones

Product Model: D26   Wireless Charging

Material: ABS, bright surface+glossy texture, button electroplate

Mode: 18 shifts

Battery: 500mAh lithium battery

Vibration frequency: 31000-45000 times/min

Charging: DC direct charging

Dimension: 26.8*246mm

Weight: 90g 

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Product Details


1、Fashionable appearance: the concept of Triones.

2、6 modes*3 intensity combination into 18 brushing modes; whitening, cleaning, sensitive, polishing, gum care, fresh; combine DuPont nylon brush bristles+Pedex color-changing bristles (3D bristles planting), with super cleaning power to effectively remove dental plaque and stains.

3、Magnetic levitation motor without metal dome--constant power without loss in 5 years of life; 31000-45000 times/min

4、14500 lithium battery, 500mAh lithium battery (4 minutes per day, endurance 35 days)

5、2 minutes of intelligent timing, 30 seconds zoning reminder, mode memory, smart shutdown.

6、The highest level of IPX8 waterproof.
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