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D30 Rocket - For Children
D30 Rocket - For Children

D30 Rocket - For Children

Color: white
Material: ABS matte surface
Bristles: German Pedex color-changing bristles + sensitive brush bristles
Mode: 15 shifts
Battery: 500mAh lithium battery, 35 days of maximum endurance (2 times/2min/day)
Charging: Wireless induction charging, 4 hours for full charge
Vibration frequency: 30000-40000 times / min
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Product Details
1. Space rocket inspiration--to cultivate children's love of exploration, boost confidence, enhance overall protection and guard health.
2. Patented 360-degree shock absorption technology brush head for gum care+double-tip bristles+pressure sensing technology (optional); truly efficient cleaning while also effectively protecting teeth and gum tissue, especially good for maintaining children's oral health;
3. Patented 14 magnetic levitation motor; 15-shift deep cleaning function, 5 modes of cleaning, soft, gum care, sensitive, teeth care, each mode 3 segments of intensity.
4. Slim handle to increase the experience of children's use, 8 lights+double button design, charging base ambient light with charging running light; simulation of rocket lift-off state, reflecting a strong sense of childlike interest.
5. 2 minutes smart timing, 30 seconds zoning reminder, mode memory, smart shutdown.
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