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ES-01 Electronic Mouth Spray
ES-01 Electronic Mouth Spray

ES-01 Electronic Mouth Spray


Color:White / Black

Plastic case: ABS757KF/PCTG

Battery capacity: 3.7VDC 200mAh

Endurance: Endurance operation ≥20 minutes

Charging mode: Type-C direct charging

Product size: 23.0*23.0*111.50 (unit mm)

Spray weight: 0.10g (0.02g/s) in 5 seconds

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Product Details


1、Close the cover: press the button no response (the lamp belt does not light up);

2、Open cover without ammunition: press the button light with red light flashing for 2S (no matter long press or short press);

3、Open cover with ammunition warehouse: 1, the point according to the point spray, do not press not spray 2, open cover with ammunition warehouse:

4、Insert/pull out the magazine light with white light/red light flashing for 2S and then turn off;

5、It can operate normally under charging condition;

6、During charging, press the button 5 times continuously to enter the aging mode within 4S, and stop working for 5 minutes and 1 minute;

7、At least 2 years of life requirements, spray 4 times a day, once spray 5s;

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